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Fate looks sharp and severs all my ties

And breaks whatever doesn't bend

【From the sky】☼
Hmm, what to say here? Oh yeah! How about...Hi there, uh, I'm Vicky, or Victoria, or any other name you can come up with. :D I am your average but not so average 15 year old that whines and complains about everything and anything for no real reason. I currently live in Venezuela, and I'm sure that less than half of who read this (if someone reads this) won't know where it is. Doesn't matter, I prefer that. xD I play the clarinet, make icons and banners, sometimes I draw, and I write fics. Of course, I suck at all of those mentioned above.

I like learning new languages, even though my patience is close to 0. I also like watching anime, reading manga, and stuff like that. Right now, I like APH, the When They Cry series (Only manga and the SN cause DEEN sucks.), and some other I can't remember. My memory sucks. I also abuse capslock sometimes, so I can be pretty annyoing.